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People and Culture


To become a world-class technology
company based in non-traditional tech
hubs, providing the best remote work
experience for our team and generating
positive impact in our ecosystems.


To build great digital solutions that
improve people's lives and create value for
our clients.

Tech development is a holistic activity. Building digital products that millions will use involves the work of different professionals in different roles. Each expert, with his or her different background, will contribute his particular worldview to the end product, which increases the potential for a successful delivery exponentially.


At Patagonian, we understand that our achievements result from teamwork. We believe that general well-being is key to achieving our idea of success: building the best digital solutions for our clients and supporting the team’s professional and human growth.


Our goal is to train and look after people who are passionate about technology in a nurturing and committed culture. We create fun, inclusive, and flexible work environments to face industry challenges.

Our pillars embody who we are and invite those who want to join our organization to see the world from our perspective. These are everyday behaviors and habits that evolve all the time but always under the same principles.


  • Team first.

  • Welcoming, nurturing, and looking after people.

  • Offering an inclusive and agile culture in pleasant environments.

  • Fostering continuous learning.

  • Focusing on quality services.


Cultural Principles



· We promote continuous and holistic learning.
· Learning motivates us.



· We are open to other points of view.
· We adapt to our clients’ specific situations.



· Technology is our calling.
· We focus on quality.



· We act honestly and responsibly towards our colleagues and customers.
· We consider the environmental impact of our actions.
· We strive for sustainable development.



· We seek creativity in everything we do.
· Our goal is to discover multiple and new solutions to different issues.
· We work to wow our customers and peers.



· We believe in the power of the collective mind.
· We are inclusive and diverse.
· We are always available to help our colleagues.



· We promote "doing" above everything else.
· Making mistakes is not frowned upon.
· It's a valuable lesson that can lead to new discoveries.

Team above processes

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to do things. Nor is there a process we can define and replicate in every context. This applies both to our everyday lives and our work.

From the beginning, we have known that diverse roles and multiple perspectives enrich us and make us better.

Our teams are made of talented people and experts in various fields, with different levels of seniority and track records. We believe that building diverse teams is the best way to boost the professional development of each collaborator and the quality of our solutions.

Of course, we strive to be better every day. And training is the best way to achieve that. We are proud of interacting with curious people who want to learn constantly. As an organization, we offer collaborators the necessary resources to access the training programs they want.

Do we make mistakes? Absolutely. We train leaders capable of learning from mistakes and considering them a lesson. This mindset is contagious in the workspace. After each project, we take some time to check what we did and how we can improve. ‘Fail, learn, repeat,’ goes the saying.

Listening to and being respectful toward others allows us to build motivating and challenging work environments and staying open to collaboration and innovation.

Patagonian team
Patagonian quality

Focusing on quality

Each project we undertake at Patagonian is a challenge. Our job is to find the best solution among the multiple possible ones. And we have a method—actually, several methods. We apply agile methodologies tailored to the needs of our customers, whether small startups or large companies.

Flexibility is a critical tenet in our organization that we have learned over the years. And it is already part of our personality: we have forged bonds with partners from different cultures and mindsets, and we interact daily with teams from multiple industries. Adapting to different environments is already part of our nature.

Flexibility is in line with one of our general goals: building quality solutions. It is a requirement in everything we do. An average result won’t cut it if we know we can do better. It is the little things that set us apart from the rest.

Life balance

Our founders envisioned a company that extended towards decentralized locations. Since then, establishing operating teams in cities that offer a high quality of life has become a priority and an immediate benefit for all collaborators.

Our organization fosters healthy living environments from Argentine Patagonia to the rest of the country and the continent. ‘Work anywhere’ is our motto, and we believe we can choose appealing and friendly locations to share our daily lives with our families.

This gave rise to internal initiatives such as #Workation or #Living, praised by the entire team. It is all about organizing team meet-ups in different locations with short or permanent stays, according to the needs and wishes of each collaborator. We travel to learn and become more integral individuals.

Patagonian Team
Patagonian Team

We can all learn

We know that in the technology industry we must be constantly updated. The speed at which innovation moves forces us to acquire knowledge and experiment as a natural part of our production process. Training is a fundamental stimulus for our organization, even for those who are taking their first steps in the profession.

We are a talent incubator that trains people with solid technical profiles and real-world experience in technology projects. Through initiatives such as Patagonian Nest, Patagonian becomes the gateway for many people to get their first job. Or, with Patagonian Academy, they make the leap in their profile with the reinforcement of skills and competencies.

We believe that training talent brings direct benefits to each person who participates in our programs and is also a contribution to the industry as a whole, which increasingly requires the participation of new professionals.


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