Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We understand that software excellence relies on quality at every stage of the development lifecycle. We can help you deliver secure and dependable products that meet your customers' needs while reducing business risks

Testing is crucial in any software development process and guarantees software quality.

Surpass quality standards

Our team leverages the latest technologies and methodologies to help you mitigate risks and deliver flawless solutions that delight your customers.

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  • Technology agnostic

    We pick the best tool for the job without any bias or influence other than building the best possible solution for our clients.

  • Natural-born geeks

    We have a curious mindset, working hard to keep our ever-growing, ever-adapting roster of tech stacks up-to-date.

  • Super talented engineers

    Always eager to prove our value as a tech hub in the LATAM region.

  • Flexibility

    We’re highly versatile and able to adapt rapidly to different scenarios, working with startups and big corporations in numerous industries.

People at the core

At Patagonian, we firmly believe that people are the cornerstone of our company. With offices situated across Colombia, the US, and various regions of Argentina, as well as remote talent from around the globe, our team is highly skilled and diverse.

We prioritize collaboration and communication, creating a sense of unity within our community.

Patagonian Team

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Patagonian created a comprehensive solution for Tecpetrol aimed at more effective management of its Human Resources.

We have designed a complete and effective solution for Tecpetrol, focused on optimizing the management of its Human Resources.



Creating a seamless solution to optimize data management for a high-tech company

We designed, developed and implement an integrated solution in order to increase productivity for the organization, optimize the way information is handled, and reduce the expenditure of physical documentation.

Interamerican Development Bank

Empowering SMBs through digital enablement

Patagonian helped IDB build a digital product suite, consisting of 14 applications, and used by 300,000 businesses in Latin America & the Caribbean to promote trade and investment

Connect Americas screenshot


Patagonian creó una solución integral para Tecpetrol orientada a una gestión más efectiva de sus Recursos Humanos.

Hemos diseñado una solución completa y eficaz para Tecpetrol, enfocada en optimizar la gestión de sus Recursos Humanos.



Patagonian created a platform that led Petromark to its digital transformation process

We developed an entire platform that enabled Petromark to track and report their non destructive testing projects in their clients oilfields.

Petromark pipes


We provided top notch software developers and analysts to assist Fresnel's multinational development team.

Patagonian provided critical talent that led to the expansion and enhancement of a GIS enabled construction management solution used by fortune 500 companies.

Fresnel screenshot


We were able to provide a high-quality deliverable with a critical deadline. TVision achieved service continuity and now has a robust data integration process that enhances their business and decision-making processes.

Patagonian led a data re-architecture project for TVision, to better support their real-time engagement metrics gathering for the traditional TV ad world.

TVision screenshot


Achieving efficiency through Architecture

We built a custom video distribution platform using an elastic architecture with a strong focus on usability, allowing Rhebus to better serve their customers and save significantly in licensing fees.

Rhebus app screenshot

Interamerican Development Bank

We developed a user-friendly app that enables direct interaction between companies and suppliers.

Patagonian developed an easy to use marketplace that enables the interaction between companies and suppliers to exchange goods and services.

Mita App screenshot

Argentine Federal Government

Massive infrastructure migration, including API development, data automation, and project deploys using cloud technologies.

Patagonian led a critical data project for the Argentine government, which included data integration and infrastructure migration for high traffic digital public services

Ministerio de Modernización

Mbody 360

Health & Wellness digital solution for practitioners and patients

Patagonian partnered with Mbody360 to develop a complete health & wellness coaching platform that connects doctors/nutritionists to their patients and clients in real-time to better achieve their health goals

MBody screen

Interamerican Development Bank

Fast Reaction and Agility for Covid-19 relief

We built, in record time, an interactive map for local communities to find scarce resources and assistance for COVID-19 relief.

Map world

Diario Río Negro

Executing world class software design & development practices that lead the transition to the digital space

Patagonian led the re-design and data migration process on one of the most prominent regional newspapers. Moreover, our DevOps team designed a high-performance infrastructure platform to improve critical business performance areas.

Diario Rio Negro


We devised and implemented a scalable digital solution that supports thousands of concurrent video-conference sessions using complex pairing algorithms.

Patagonian partnered with Conversifi to develop an Uber-like experience for immersive language learning

Conversifi app


We are constantly developing white label solutions for the ever growing Centriply’s client base.

Centriply is one of our oldest clients. As of today we are involved in 20+ projects with them. From internal applications for their sales team to client sided data platforms..

Interamerican Development Bank

Drone monitoring for large-scale infrastructure projects

We built a cutting-edge project management tool that uses aerial and thermal images obtained in automated drone flights to monitor large infrastructure projects in Latin America.

BID screenshot

Battery Pop

Effectively designing a safe video platform for kids and families.

Patagonian's UX/UI team designed an intuitive video platform for kids to safely create and publish their content and for brands to advertise effectively.

BatteryPOP Laptop

Arizona State University

Patagonian designed an API to recognize and serialize data from utility invoices uploaded by users in need of financial aid due to Covid-19 outbreak.

We provided a dev team to assist Arizona State University Smart city innovation center and AWS team

ASU front


Helping streamline and optimize the banking process management and implementation

We developed alongside 4Logik a platform that streamlines the entire process of designing, testing, and coding software while using business-friendly language and knowledge capture


Patagonian creó una plataforma que llevó a Petromark a su proceso de transformación digital.

Desarrollamos una plataforma completa que permitió a Petromark realizar el seguimiento y reportar sus proyectos de pruebas no destructivas en los campos petroleros de sus clientes.

Petromark pipes


Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the power of AI with our elite team. Seamlessly augment your development capabilities, accelerating time to market for cutting-edge products and features. Embrace innovation with confidence.

Product Discovery

Our user-centric approach identifies needs, explores solutions, and generates assets, streamlining the software development process. Focus on your core business, we bring your product to life.

Talent Augmentation

We have a top-class talent pool ready to jump on any new challenge. We scale our client's delivery capacity with the right skills, reducing the time to market for any new product or functionality.

Software Development

From web and mobile applications to cloud platforms and data processing, we craft unique technological experiences tailored to support your specific business needs.

Software Maintenance

We make sure our client's software solutions work seamlessly. Our team takes care of the ongoing maintenance services so our partners can focus solely on their core business.

Data Services

In this age data is the new oil. And as oil, data needs to be produced, refined and transported. Our experienced team has built, deployed and evolved successfully.

UX/UI Design

We aim to create products that solve real problems, focusing on maximizing satisfaction with the least effort possible.

Data Science

Patagonian's Data driven team will gather their experience and expertise to build the data science solutions that will allow your company to make faster.


One common issue of software products are deficient, slow and unreliable release cycles. Our DevOps & SRE team help organizations to overcome these challenges.