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Other Industries

The challenge for industries is to implement a set of solutions for innovation and transition towards new business models and income streams consisting of three fundamental pillars; automation, improvement of manufacturing processes and production optimization. But this transformation is not limited to digital technologies; it represents a culture of change integrated into all work areas and a transformation in the way different teams are managed. Only in this way can digital transformation have a truly beneficial impact on the production of any company.

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Interamerican Development Bank

Drone monitoring for large-scale infrastructure projects

We built a cutting-edge project management tool that uses aerial and thermal images obtained in automated drone flights to monitor large infrastructure projects in Latin America.

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We provided top notch software developers and analysts to assist Fresnel´s multinational development team.

Patagonian provided critical talent that led to the expansion and enhancement of a GIS-enabled construction management solution used by fortune 500 companies.

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Oil and Energy Industry Software

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